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Fusing DeFi and DeSci to build billion-dollar biotech IP onchain.

The BIO token gives holders governance rights in the top biotech DAOs and tokenized IP assets, enabling broad exposure to the DeSci space.

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Governance Power

Vote on topics like IP tokenization, data- sharing policies, and the allocation of IP licensing and acquisition proceeds.

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Drive funding and liquidity to biotech DAOs and scientific IP assets.

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Guide the commercialization of bleeding-edge products and services.

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From research to cures

Experience the success of onchain IP in the BIO ecosystem.
Topical Thyroid Hormones for Hair Regrowth

Dr. Ralf Paus's study tests whether FDA-approved, topically-applied T3 and T4 promote the production of key growth factors, metabolism, and stem cell activities on human scalp skin to treat androgenic alopecia.


Funded by HairDAO

ApoptoSENS - Senolytic CAR-NK cells

Dr. Amit Sharma’s team have identified senescence-specific cell surface biomarkers which will act as targets for developing Chimeric Antigen Receptor Natural Killer (CAR-NK) cells aiming to


Funded by VitaDAO

The Longevity Molecule

The Scheibye-Knudsen Lab will use advanced machine learning to crunch the data from 1.04 billion prescriptions to understand the impact of drugs on human lifespan.


Funded by VitaDAO

Discovery of novel mitophagy activators for Alzheimer´s disease

Mitophagy - the mechanism to recycle mitochondria - becomes dysregulated with age. The Fang lab aims to use a combination of artificial intelligence and a wet-lab validation platform to identify new mitophagy-activating drug candidates.


Funded by VitaDAO

SavedApe: Microbial Lipid Production with Synthetic Biology

Rodrigo Ladesma-Amaro project's objective is to develop innovative bioprocesses for microbial lipid production, integrating genetic and metabolic engineering with bioreactor and downstream optimization.


Funded by ValleyDAO

Towards reversing periodontal disease using Geroscience

Jonathan An’s lab proposes to test a series of compounds targeting inflammation in a mouse model of age-related periodontitis, with the goal of finding a geroscience-based treatment for this neglected disease that has a impact on humans


Funded by VitaDAO

Understanding the role of the cGAS-STING pathway and senescence in the ovarian aging

Dr. Mario D. Cordero's project aims to investigate the role of the cGAS-STING pathway and cellular senescence in ovarian aging, with a focus on developing treatments to prevent ovarian reserve loss during aging.


Funded by AthenaDAO

Autophagy Activator Drug Discovery Platform

Autophagy becomes dysregulated with age and is associated with numerous diseases. The Korolchuk lab, based at Newcastle University, will screen a compound library to identify novel autophagy-activating compounds.


Funded by VitaDAO

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ABIOGenesis is coming

The BIO token launch ("ABIOGenesis") is designed to seed the network with liquidity. During ABIOGenesis, you can exchange eligible DeSci tokens for BIO. More details to come, sign up to get updates!

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Govern BIO

BIO token holders gain voting power in a wide range of biotech DAOs and IP assets, enabling broad exposure to the DeSci space.

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We are scientists, crypto natives, founders, engineers and patients dedicated to accelerating science.

Frequently Asked Questions

All the details you need to know about BIO

What is the BIO Protocol?

BIO is a protocol for directing capital and talent to biotech DAOs (“bioDAOs”) and tokenized scientific IP. The protocol serves as a decentralized funding, governance and liquidity engine for early-stage science, supercharging preclinical research through globally-sourced liquidity and talent.

What Uniswap did for long-tail crypto projects, BIO aims to do for tokenized science.

What are bioDAOs?

bioDAOs are community-owned IP creation engines, focused on a specific biotech area. They bring together scientists, patients, backers and enthusiasts around specific therapeutic areas, such as women's health or neurodegeneration. The R&D and IP generated is monetized by minting IP-NFTs and IPTs, spinning out companies, and licensing/selling the IP to traditional biotech companies. Proceeds flow back to the bioDAO treasuries, to fund and translate the next generation of R&D, further advancing the bioDAO’s mission.

What are IP-NFTs and IPTs?

IP-NFTs and IPTs digitize scientific intellectual property (IP) by encoding the associated legal agreements and R&D data on a blockchain. IP Tokens (IPTs) are unique ERC-20 tokens that serve as governance tokens over the scientific IP generated, data-sharing policies and IP licensing and acquisition proceeds.

bioDAOs typically hold portfolios of IP-NFTs and IPTs, which they help launch and incubate through tokenization, liquidity and governance.

What is the BIO token?

BIO is the native governance token of the BIO protocol. BIO may be used by holders to signal which bioDAOs to support, vote on future BIO issuance ("bio/acc Rewards"), and vote on programs for the development of bioDAOs and specific IP assets in the BIO ecosystem.

How do I get the BIO token?

You can get BIO during the upcoming token launch ("ABIOGenesis"). Join our Discord or sign up for email updates to get the latest updates. More details on the BIO token launch are coming soon!