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Accelerating the next generation of science with capital, talent and resources to build the Bio DAOs and DeSci projects of the future.

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2024 cohort applications now open.
Introducing the Launchpad: Community crowdfunding to solve biotech’s biggest challenges

To our committed community and biotech enthusiasts worldwide,‍Today, we announce the launch of the Launchpad - to ensure decentralized research communities have the essential fuel they need to support translational science and transform discoveries into cures.

Request for BioDAOs and DeSci Projects

BioDAOs are poised to transform scientific research, collaboration and funding. Now, after successfully wrapping up cohort one, we’re inviting biotech builders to apply for our upcoming second cohort - details and application process discussed below.

From Concept to Reality: Celebrating the First Cohort of Pioneering Biotech DAOs

Announcing the graduation of our first BioDAO cohort, illustrating progress in the convergence of web3, biotechnology, and a new method for supporting research endeavors.

Getting to Know Laura Minquini from AthenaDAO

In this edition of Get to Know, we’re sitting down with Laura to hear about her journey into web3, what nursing homes taught her about longevity research, and why she’s zooming in on women’s reproductive health.

Getting to Know Andrew Verbinnen from HairDAO

Let's get to know Andrew Verbinnen, core member of HairDAO and his journey from NYC, Private Equity, & crypto to tackling hair loss through DeSci.

BioDAOs are Community-Owned Research Translation Engines, Not Investment DAOs

Moving research from concept to market is like conducting a symphony - there are numerous players and stakeholders, each bringing their unique expertise to work in harmony and advance a project.

DeSci Denver 2023 Recap

ETHDenver, the annual Ethereum hackathon and conference, took place from February 24 to March 5, in Denver, Colorado. The event brought together blockchain developers, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts from around the world to discuss the latest trends and innovations in the Ethereum ecosystem.

CryDAO joins

Cryopreservation and the Future of Life: A Closer Look at CryoDAO's Vision. Cryopreservation involves preserving the body without ice crystal formation or degradation by using extremely low temperatures and specialized cryoprotectants.

Getting to Know Albert Anis From ValleyDAO

Albert, co-initiator of ValleyDAO, discovered DeSci through VitaDAO and received support from to launch the community-owned synbio innovation ecosystem. ValleyDAO focuses on advancing climate and food synthetic biology through three initial academic research projects.


We want to open-source knowledge about building at the intersection of web3 and biotech and we are excited to share and scale our learnings and frameworks with the broader ecosystem by offering hands-on builder support and funding to ambitious DAO-builders shaping the future of decentralized science.