BIO Ecosystem Update - June 24, 2024


Gm Bioheads. 

It’s time for another DeSci ecosystem roundup — read on for what’s happening across the BIOverse. 


$VITA brings a DeSci prediction market onchain, plus a spotlight in Nature

Bullish on VitaDAO? Now you can put your $VITA where your mouth is thanks to Limitless, the onchain predictions market protocol. Join others (and a growing $VITA liquidity pool) in a market on whether VitaDAO will fund $2m of science in 2025. Place a trade here.

In other news, Vita shared two new proposals for VitaRNA: the tokenization of the Artan Bio IP-NFT to establish new working groups and an additional allocation of $100K of ETH for new scientific experiments. Plus, a deep dive in Nature.

Join BIO in Berlin at the Church of Desci for a bio/acc meetup

This Thursday, June 27, team members from BIO, Molecule, VitaDAO, PsyDAO, and others from the DeSci ecosystem are dropping into Berlin to mindshare on the future of on-chain science and the growing bio/acc movement. 


It’s going down at the Church of Desci (a.k.a the Molecule office inside the glorious St. Agnes church). DeSci alpha, including news on the upcoming beta launch of Catalyst, will be shared alongside (and within) talks from ​Paul Kohlhaas, Founder & Chief Architect at Molecule & BIO, ​Laurence Ion, Founding Steward at VitaDAO, & Vitalia, ​Nate Hindman, Former Head of Growth Bancor, and the ​PsyDAO Founding Team. 

Request to join the festivities here.  

DeSci’s fist preprint is born 

The intersection of DeSci and academic institutional adoption is something you should be paying attention to. 

A recent milestone arrived in the form of an official preprint (a preliminary version of a scientific manuscript that researchers share online before its peer-reviewed) on a topical thyroid hormone study for treating hair loss, first researched by HairDAO and University of Miami’s Professor Ralf Paus. 

Learn more about the study here, which was the catalyst for an official patent application from HairDAO and CUTANEON.

All (third) eyes on the $PSY sale

To sell more $PSY or not, this is the hot topic in the bioDAO’s Discord this week, as members discuss whether or not to close the $PSY token sale or keep the fire burning a little longer. Gotta love the power of community governance and transparent decision making. 

Join the conversation (and PsyDAO’s community) on Discord

CerebrumDAO’s latest proposal brings Boost VC deeper into DeSci

Onchain science money moves. CerebrumDAO’s latest proposal, CDP-6, passed unanimously last week, allowing Boost VC to acquire $250k worth of $NEURON at an 18% discount via an OTC trade to help bring liquidity support to NEURON.

Boost VC has a stellar track record in investing in crypto and emerging deep tech with early investments in Coinbase and Etherscan. 

With its recent purchase of $NEURON and ongoing participation in the BIO ecosystem alongside ResearchHub, Molecule, HairDAO, and Data Lake, this looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship.   

Check out the proposal for more on this exciting signal. 

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