BIO Ecosystem Update - May 10, 2024


Gm, BIOnauts. 

Today, we are pleased to debut bioDAOnload, a weekly rundown of what’s buzzing onchain across the ecosystem. From research to funding, proposals, events, and key announcements, this is your news source for all things DeSci. Let’s begin. 


VitaDAO drops new bounties for project referrals  

Advancing longevity research takes a village, and VitaDAO is growing one like no other. Earlier this week, VitaDAO shared an announcement on the earning potential now possible through successful referrals to projects relevant to VitaDAOs primary focus — extending our end-date as long as humanly possible. 

Get a referral approved? Earn 400 $VITA. Lock in funding for a project? Add another $2,000 to that. Is your project successfully out-licensed? You're now qualified to receive 1% of the total proceeds. This is just another example of how’s ecosystem, VitaDAO included, accelerates scientific progress through decentralised, onchain tools. 

Learn more about VitaDAOs referral program here.

AthenaDAO links up with ResearchHub & brings $ATH to Base

AthenaDAO’s movement to transform women’s health has had a big couple of weeks on the funding and growth front. First up, AthenaDAO’s native token, $ATH, is officially live on Base. The expansion came to life via a governance proposal to help deepen $ATH liquidity on the disruptive layer 2 by providing new $ATH incentives to ATH/WETH LP token holders. 

Want to learn more about how to buy $ATH on Base? Click this. If that wasn’t enough to get your liquidity bubbling, AthenaDAO also announced its collaboration with ResearchHub to crowdfund three initiatives focused on improving women's hormonal health. Read more about that here

CerebrumDAO is giving you one another to join its auction — and buy $NEURON

Following the $1.3 million-strong $NEURON public auction, CerebrumDAO is back on the floor for an encore. This week, the DAO passed a proposal to allow participants of the $NEURON Bio Launchpad Auction whose bids were not filled to participate once more with matching amounts via an OTC event. Brains helping brains, indeed. 

Find out more about the proposal and its concluding quorum here.

A 2D digital art landscape focused on the potential of engineered microalgae for carbon capture and bioproduct manufacturing. In the foreground, stylized illustrations of single-celled microalgae float in vibrant green clusters, showcasing their photosynthetic capabilities. The microalgae are interconnected with various industrial structures in the background: a biomanufacturing facility, greenhouses, and a research lab. The midground includes stylized visual representations of the products derived from microalgae, such as biofuels, protein-rich foods, and beauty products. The background features a dawn sky in soft pastels, transitioning from orange to pink, with flat 2D mountains. A textured grain filter covers the image, giving it a high digital art quality. The color palette uses greens, blues, and earthy orange hues to reflect innovation and environmental stewardship.

ValleyDAO wants to engineer microalgae to unlock true value in carbon capture 

In ValleyDAO's latest deep dive, they explore the process of engineering microalgae for carbon capture to unlock true value from the world around us (and below us). It's no longer about pulling CO2 out of the air to save the planet; it's about using that process to build profitable products, ranging from cooking oils to biofuels and the potential bedrock of cities. Enter microalgae, small but mighty, churning out valuable products like biofuels and biocements while efficiently tackling climate challenges. This blend of technology and nature could be the key to a greener and more sustainable future. See what we did there? Read more here

HairDAO is set to start shipping its FolliCool shampoo, tokens included 

Every day can be a great hair day with HairAO, especially when it includes an allocation of $SHAMPOO. Recently, HairDAO co-founder Andrew Bakst announced that orders of FolliCool, a HairDAO-incubated shampoo that helps maintain natural hair structure, are set to begin shipping as early as May 15th, 2024. Each purchase of FolliCool comes with an allocation of $SHAMPOO tokens, which ultimately governs other hair-loss-related research initiatives being pushed by the DAO. 


PsyDAO is considering utilising Catalyst to harness mushroom biosynthesis

There’s never a dull moment in the PsyDAO Discord. If you close your third eye for even a second, you might miss some of the action. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Based on some recent communications, PsyDAO community members are considering a new psychedelics research initiative on Molecule’s funding accelerator, Catalyst, which aims to harness mushroom biosynthesis for the creation of new psychoactive substances. If successful, PsyDAO could become the first bioDAO to fund such a project on Catalyst. Check out more details on the initiative here

CryoDAO is heating up Miami this July 

CryoDAO, the leader in funding high-impact research in cryopreservation, is heading to Miami to melt some brains. Co-founder Kai Micah Mills announced that CryoDAO will participate in the Global Cryonics Summit from July 20-21, 2024. Sounds like your cup of (iced) tea? Cryopreservation researchers can pitch their projects for free conference access, accommodation, and a $1,000 travel stipend. Get more details here

That does it for this week. Keep updated on all things and DeSci via our website, X, Discord, and Farcaster. Thanks for reading.