BIO Ecosystem Update - May 17, 2024


Welcome to our weekly rundown of what’s buzzing onchain across the ecosystem. From research to funding, proposals, events, and key announcements, this is your news source for all things DeSci. Let’s go. 

VitaDAO goes long on its latest newsletter & DAO-backed project funding 

Long life? Long read? Whatever floats your frontal lobe. Our bioDAO OGs went deep on all things longevity with their latest monthly newsletter — a stacked edition of choice longevity reads, brain-expanding research papers, hot jobs tips, and much more. Get into it

Speaking of going long: Rubedo Life Sciences, a company backed by the VitaDAO community, just secured $40M in Series A funding led by Khosla Ventures to kick off human trials of their groundbreaking anti-aging drug. This is the first DAO-backed project to advance to Series A. Bravo. Learn more here

AthenaDAO & ResearchHub did the thing

AthenaDAO + ResearchHub = great success. We're proud to report that all three women's hormonal health research initiatives are being fully funded with 5Gs (that's $5,000, not the mobile network). Peer reviewers earned $RSC along the way.

Name a better way to close out National Women's Health Week — we'll wait. More on the news here

Now merging: Carbon Fixating Organisms & AI 

In their latest carbon copy (see: blog), ValleyDAO explored how Carbon Fixating Organisms and AI can merge to form new Carbon Fixation Pathways, which can be used to create more sustainable biofuels & biopolymers — and, as a result, help humanity thrive.

Sounds like your cup of AI-flavored algae? Read the piece

CryoDAO’s latest vote is in 

Voting szn came early at CryoDAO. This week, CRYO-12 "Strategic Plan 2024-2025" passed with flying colors with over 90,000 $CRYO voting in favor of the referendum. This decision finalizes CryoDAO’s Strategic Plan outline, which will guide their budget and goals for the next year-plus. Ice in their veins? Nah.

Check the Snapshot. P.S. $CRYO is now available for trading — get more info on CoinMarketCap. Get it while it's hot. 

CerebrumDAO is (almost) ready to add DEX support for $NEURON 

Our big-brained buddies at CerembrumDAO are gearing up to add DEX support for $NEURON with a proposal nearing the finish. The proposal aims to establish deep liquidity for CerebrumDAO's native token on Ethereum by providing 100 ETH and 2.3B $NEURON to a Uniswap v3 liquidity pool. Insane in the membrane, indeed.

Cast your vote here

PsyDAO has its (third) eyes on the FDA

PsyDAO is sounding the alarm and calling critical attention to an upcoming public hearing with the FDA on MDMA and its (well-documented) medicinal applications for PTSD. If approved, veterans will finally gain access to breakthrough therapeutic resources in every US state. About time. Learn more

PsyDAO is also gearing up for PsyRL-1, their inaugural in-person meet-up at the Molecule office in Berlin. The event features talks from psychedelic thought leaders, adaptogenic cocktails and live music.

If you know, you know. If you’ll be in Berlin, make sure to RSVP.

HairDAO is growing liquidity (and hair) on Base 

HairDAO softly announced their plans to launch a liquidity pool on Base. In the tweet, they put out a call to get more information on Uniswap v3 emulators to achieve similar price curves on Base.

Got a tip? Drop it here

DeSci is live on Dune

As Alia Atreides said, "We must convert the non-believers one by one." And that being said, our resident DeSci wiz Kiba dropped a Dune dashboard with some prime SciFi (Scientific Finance) data and meaty metrics from across the bioDAO ecosystem. You're going to want to bookmark this one.

If you made it here, we love you. Keep it locked on all things and DeSci via our website, X, Discord, and Farcaster. Thanks for reading.