Bringing Neuroscience Onchain with Cerebrum DAO


With 6.7 million Americans battling Alzheimer's and projections showing a 400% increase in cases by 2050, the neurological stakes couldn't be higher. Our loved ones, our economy - everything is impacted by disease pathologies that begin 20 years before the first symptom even appears.

Cue Brian Magierski, an entrepreneur and father to three daughters. When one of his daughters, who is now 12 years old, was born, he discovered she had Down Syndrome. Along with this, he was informed that people with Down Syndrome have a 100% chance of developing Alzheimer's Dementia throughout their lifetime - a terrifying inevitability. Driven by something so close to his heart, Brian has rallied a tight core team, mobilizing them in their mission to tackle brain health and Alzheimer's. 

Brian's call to action is clear and compelling: Cerebrum DAO is not just for neuroscientists or biotech professionals; it's a community endeavour that welcomes all individuals who share a passion for advancing brain health. Whether your expertise lies in marketing, community engagement, tokenomics, or simply a willingness to learn and contribute, Cerebrum DAO offers a platform to make a meaningful impact. Alongside the funding of neuroscience opportunities, Cerebrum DAO is also establishing product partnerships to bring brain health apps and interventions into the DAO community. The first of these is a brain assessment and support app being developed the team at 21 Impact Labs, a company founded by Brian and a core partner to the DAO.

A BioDAO has an interesting path to maturity; decentralization is at its core, but it starts with a small group of people who drive it to its first inflection point, whereby it’s ready to open itself up to community governance through the power of tokenization. Cerebrum DAO has reached that point. 

“What amazed me about crypto economic networks is that if they’re properly designed, they're really forces for coordinating talent and capital on a global scale to go after a common goal.”
Brian Magierski, Core lead & DAO Initiator

The NEURON sale 

Cerebrum DAO is auctioning NEURON on the launchpad. Cerebrum DAO gives holders of NEURON governance rights, exclusive access to Intellectual Property Tokens, discounted access to future brain health products and early access to any therapeutics that Cerebrum DAO brings to market.

“We're looking to build projects with longevity, with sustainability, and I think is on the same wavelength in regards to those values.”
Mark Melnykowycz, Core contributor & DAO Architect 

The NEURON auction runs until 3pm CET, Tuesday the 30th of April. Bids can be placed and moved until the end of the auction. Everyone gets the same price per NEURON at the end of the auction, but anyone who bid too low gets excluded and refunded. US persons are excluded from participating. Participants will complete a secure KYC process using Persona. 

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