Introducing the BIO Launchpad: Community crowdfunding to solve biotech’s biggest challenges


The team at BIO is thrilled to announce the launch of the Launchpad - a platform designed to ensure decentralized research communities have the essential fuel it needs to support translational science and transform discoveries into cures.

We stand on the shoulders of giants, building upon the foundation set by the trailblazing launches of VitaDAO ($5.1M raise), HairDAO ($285k raise), ValleyDAO (336k raise), that took place thanks to the robust Batch Auction contracts crafted by the Gnosis team.

AthenaDAO was the first to leverage the Launchpad, raising a total of $316,695 to help bridge the gap in funding for women's health research, a long underserved area of science and medicine. 

Why the BioDAO Launchpad?

Rapid Capital Formation for Patient Communities: Patient and biotech communities can swiftly mobilize with the Launchpad to solve their collective challenges and transform scientific discoveries into cures by enabling them to form and govern collective capital. Now, online communities can focus on being the driving force behind the pursuit of novel cures, transcending traditional research funding limitations. 

Incentive-Driven Participation: More than just fundraising, the Launchpad uses tokens to both boost engagement and reward members' contributions. As members finance the DAO, they not only play a pivotal role in decision-making, from deal flow curation to research funding, but can be rewarded for doing so, creating an internet-native legions dedicated to advancing biotech R&D.

Quantifying the mission: The strength of a DAO is intrinsically tied to its community and the Launchpad helps the community arrive at a fair valuation for the DAO. This valuation  is a precise measure of how much the community values the DAO’s mission, and serves as both an internal and external signal. 

The Vision Ahead

At, we genuinely believe that DeSci - decentralized science - is the future of problem-solving for long-underserved diseases and areas of research. DAOs aren't merely organizational structures; they're catalysts for building engaged communities driven by a shared mission: finding cures and developing biotech products. AthenaDAO's success supporting women's health is just the beginning.

To every visionary out there, if you're passionate about addressing critical healthcare challenges and believe in the power of collective action and swarm intelligence, the time has never been more opportune. Start your BioDAO, join the community, and leverage our Launchpad to jumpstart your mission. Together, we can redefine the possibilities of biotech research and bring transformative solutions to those in need.

In science and solidarity,

The Team