Introducing BIO: Your Gateway Drug to DeSci


BIO is coming – a new protocol for routing resources to the best scientific IP onchain. The protocol’s native governance token, BIO, has been airdropped to thousands of DeSci’s early adopters ahead of the network’s upcoming “BIO Genesis” bootstrapping phase.

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Why DeSci?

Pharma’s financial returns on new drugs are plummeting. It’s become too risky for pharma to back most early-stage science, especially in new and emerging fields. Valuable scientific research often never makes it out of academia, or takes 10+ years and billions in funding to reach patients.

DeSci uses blockchain and tokenization to enable scientific funding, data sharing and collaboration outside TradSci’s target size and risk. 

But DeSci needs way more liquidity, more scientists and moar biopunks to scale.

Meet the BIO protocol, DeSci’s new financial layer, engineered to commercialize the best early-stage science, faster. What Uniswap did for the long-tail of crypto projects, BIO aims to do for the long-tail of scientific IP.

From Molecules to Biospheres

Our team hails from Molecule, the tokenization platform for biopharma, which pioneered tokenized science and incubated leading DeSci DAOs, known as “bioDAOs.”

bioDAOs are community-owned IP creation engines focused on a specific biotech area. They develop and monetize biotech IP by minting IP-NFTs and IPTs, spinning out companies, and licensing IP to traditional biotech businesses. Proceeds flow back to bioDAO treasuries to fund and translate the next generation of R&D, further advancing the bioDAO’s mission.

From longevity (VitaDAO), to women’s health and fertility (AthenaDAO) to synthetic biology (ValleyDAO), bioDAOs often focus on new and emerging scientific areas where liquidity is shallow, talent and data are dispersed, and traditional biopharma companies are not yet ready to invest, but eager to de-risk.

To date, bioDAOs have launched out of preeminent university research labs, like Newcastle University, University of Copenhagen, Imperial College of London, and received backing from leading biotech VCs like Pfizer Ventures, Northpond Ventures, Fifty Years, as well as crypto and biotech leaders like former Coinbase CTO Balaji Srinivasan and Filecoin founder Juan Benet.

Incubated bioDAOs in the BIO ecosystem have a current market value of $170M+ and amassed treasury holdings of 65M+.

Now, it is time to throw fuel on the fire.

A Flywheel for Onchain Science

Today, BIO is spinning out of Molecule and decentralizing by issuing a native protocol token, $BIO. The protocol is proposed as a new flywheel for accelerating onchain science – designed to create more liquidity for our bioDAOs, which can then receive more funding to develop the best science, increasing the odds of commercialization, which attracts more top talent to bioDAOs, so more bioDAOs can receive funding to develop the best science.

The BIO protocol and its native token, BIO, can be used to connect and supercharge DeSci DAOs and their portfolios of tokenized IP assets through:

1. Funding: The BIO protocol can drive funding to a specific DeSci DAO or individual IP assets and incentivize desired network activities. For example, BIO token holders voting to fund a specific IP asset, reward a bioDAO for minting IP tokens, or fund a DeSci DAO’s community and infrastructure initiatives.

2. Meta-Governance: BIO token holders can utilize a single token to vote on proposals across multiple bioDAOs. Holders gain the power to govern a wide range of DeSci organizations and assets without having to pick a specific therapeutic area. Holders vote on key topics like IP tokenization, data-sharing policies, and the allocation of IP licensing and acquisition proceeds. This broad exposure to the space makes BIO a “gateway drug” to DeSci.

3. Liquidity: BIO liquidity incentives can be voted on to incentivize liquidity pools for DeSci DAO tokens, creating liquid on/off-ramps for DeSci DAOs and their IP portfolios.

BIO Genesis

In the coming weeks, the BIO ecosystem will discuss and vote on the upcoming BIO token launch, "BIO Genesis".

A primary goal of BIO Genesis is to seed the network with liquidity and self-assemble the ecosystem’s DeSci DAOs into a tightly linked, self-sustaining system. Stay tuned for upcoming proposals in governance, and get involved in the discussions on Discord.

BIO Airdop

Ahead of BIO Genesis, BIO has taken its first steps towards decentralized biopower.

🪂 BIO tokens were airdropped to over 8,500 of DeSci’s users - the mad scientists, biopunks, builders and believers. We encourage you to claim your BIO tokens to be part of the future of biotech acceleration and decentralized science.

Eligibility Criteria: 

  • Placed bids in bioDAO auctions
  • Held >$100 of bioDAO tokens before April 1
  • Provided liquidity for bioDAO tokens
  • Actively participated in bioDAO Discords
  • Core contributor at a bioDAO
  • Donate to DeSci projects on Gitcoin

Check your eligibility and claim:

A new era of permissionless, community-led science has arrived.

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