BIO Ecosystem Update - June 7, 2024


Gm Bioheads. 

We're back again with another ecosystem update on all things DeSci and the BIO ecosystem.

The $BIO token airdrop is live and in full swing

ICYMI, the $BIO token airdrop is out in the world — and could be in your wallet. A celebration of our earliest supporters, we’ve airdropped BIO to 8,500+ DeSci participants.

Criteria for receiving the airdrop includes previously holding DeSci tokens, donating to DeSci projects on Gitcoin or actively contributing to bioDAOs in the BIO ecosystem.

Check eligibility and claim here. 

VitaDAO smashed another fundraising goal for its latest IP-NFT

VitaDAO announced that its token sale for VitaRNA, a gene therapy project, exceeded its fundraising goal of $300,000 via the tokenization of the ArtanBIO IP-NFT. VITARNA tokens grant holders voting power to govern the IP and participate in R&D decision-making and capital allocation. Learn more about VITARNA


Another week of accelerating DeSci on X & IRL

Another week, another spirited Accelerating Science Spaces with the BIO team. Check out the recording. Got a question you want answered, a project highlighted, or a topic you want covered for next week? Drop us a DM.   

ValleyDAO invited us In(to) The Valley to chat about the future of SciComms 

Amongst its many innovations, DeSci can help reimagine how we share data, research, IP, and more across scientific communities. Where exactly are these innovations going? Who better to answer that question than Molecule's SciComms Lead Ella McCarthy-Page, who led a knowledge-packed Spaces session hosted by ValleyDAO? Listen here


Cerebrum DAO has a new proposal on brain health product strategies 

More brains are always better than one. For its latest onchain proposal, CerebrumDAO is focusing on CDP-5, which is officially up for voting on Snapshot and will help the bioDAO approve its Product Working Group targeting brain health product strategies. Sounds like a no-brainer — learn more here.  

Thanks for reading and keeping the energy flowing onchain. Keep updated on all things and DeSci via our website, X, Discord, and Farcaster.