Live from DeSci Berlin 2024: Paul Kohlhaas on the Future of BIO


What a week. From two packed days peering into the future at DeSci Berlin to the official launch of the new BIO protocol, the accelerated — and decentralized — era of science is entering its next phase of growth. 

ICYMI, we shared news on the $BIO airdrop and shared plans for the upcoming ABIOGenesis event that’s on the horizon. In the meantime, let’s reflect and look forward to all things BIO through a recap of key points from DeSci OG and Molecule & founder Paul Kohlhaas’ talk from Berlin, where he closed down day one of the conference with aplomb. Big thanks to everyone who joined us on the ground. 

BIO is the connective tissue of DeSci

Paul kicked off the talk with some insights into how the spinout of BIO from Molecule establishes the protocol as an onchain glue (or connective tissue for the bionauts in the room) for the entire DeSci ecosystem. BIO connects bioDAOs to liquidity, researchers to onchain capital, and gives participants exposure to the best scientific IP. 

We live in a time of science friction, not science fiction

One of the core goals of BIO is to bring DeSci back into being a catalyst for scientific innovation—the kind once reserved for our imaginations but now within arm’s reach. This happens by creating bioDAOs that accelerate science on-chain, enabling scientific and patient communities to direct capital to build IP portfolios and selling products—providing the framework for vertically integrated R&D organizations. 

Scientists and patients are disenfranchised from each other, but not for long

Over time, these two core value groups have strayed away from each other due to the effect of the pharma-industrial complex. A core goal of BIO is to realign and incentivize collaboration between the two, leading to better cures and health outcomes for humanity. Welcome to symbiosis at its finest. 

BIO is a flywheel for bioDAO growth

As more funds flow into onchain IP, more liquidity flows into bioDAOs, which receive more funding to keep researching and developing the best science, increasing their value in the commercial market. As more DeSci enthusiasts enter different organizations, more scientists gain exposure to onchain capital, leading to a better impact for patient groups requiring treatments and products issued by bioDAOs. It’s a powerful novel framework that’s ready to start spinning. 

DeSci is early — and it’s already flourishing 

Just look at the numbers. We’ve built 6+ bioDAOs since BIO was launched by Molecule in 2022. 

$20M+ treasuries raised, $10M+ research funded, with an ecosystem market cap of over $200M. 

Pfizer invested in VitaDAO alongside increasing interest in DeSci from Vitalik, Brian Armstrong, Balaji, CZ, and more. 

Paul nodded to the 2018-2019 era of Ethereum and DeFi as an example of how far this space has to go, explaining how, in BIO’s flywheel, the best ideas rise to the top, increasing the potential for funding to solve crucial problems. Now it’s time to throw fuel on the fire and pump the gas through best-in-class crypto-economics. That’s why BIO is decentralizing and launching a token, blending DeFi and DeSci to bring SciFi (Science Finance) to life, injecting real liquidity and utility into historically passive DeSci tokens. 

At the beating heart of BIO lies e/acc & bio/acc

We believe if compute is the substrate for intelligence, biotech is the substrate for life itself. From quantum computing to uploading AI’s LLMs to the masses, we will hack into the evolutionary horizon alongside the movements that will accelerate science and, as a result, humanity.